Thursday, August 8, 2013

Work Without Purpose?

As we received our assignment today, we were reminded of Pastor Jen's sermon from last Sunday about moving rocks from one pile to another and then back again. This was referred to as "work without purpose". Our assignment was to remove the dirt from the top of a hill to make a level area for planting crops, so our first thoughts were of Jen's sermon as she described the process "dig, pour, walk, dump". As we worked, though, we were reminded of our visits to the feeding programs yesterday. Thinking of all of the children we saw yesterday gave us renewed strength to continue despite the heat and fatigue. The ultimate purpose of our assignment is to help prepare fields to be planted and harvested for the local feeding program that is expected to feed 100 children in Carrillos. Our small investment will help to ensure that children are fed for years to come.

In the afternoon, we spent time interacting with around 20 rambunctious and adorable children from ages 2-12. The kids really enjoyed playing with the parachute, balls, and skiing behind Larry! We were able to show the love of God to children who might not otherwise receive it.

So was this "work without purpose"??? We think not!

The Team

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  1. Actually, sometimes (maybe even too often!), we don't think the things we do or say have much effect on anyone in our lives - and, sometimes, that's true. BUT, we never know! Our purpose in helping others isn't to get ourselves an "A" for our efforts; it's to help make "A difference..." in their lives as we do FOR them what we can. However, seeing the actions and results of those we try to help changes the way we view our lives as well; and that's as good a "thing" as we try to do for them. It's never just the poor that we should try to help! All of us need to see all people as they are - as belonging to God and to this world - OUR (everyone's) WORLD!