Tuesday, August 6, 2013

One of us broke a nail.....

We arrived safely in Carrillos, Costa Rica!  We left the church at 4:15 this morning and sailed through security at O'Hare.

After arriving in Miami, we enjoyed a leisurely stroll from one end of concourse D to the other before having lunch and boarding the plane for Costa Rica.  Unfortunately, we boarded just as a storm came through, which created a ground worker delay.  We arrived in San Jose about an hour behind schedule, but still had plenty of time to get to Strong Missions before dinner.  We're happy to be here. It's a beautiful country!

We even squeezed in a walking tour of the area surrounding the mission compound.  We are beginning to feel the effects of such an early morning and a long day of travel.  We just finished a wonderful dinner and are getting to know some of the interns, staff, and the other teams serving here.  We are meeting with the other two teams we will be working with tomorrow at the feeding center and the larger of the three VBS programs.  Please pray that we have a restful night and wake ready to serve!

Oh, and if you are curious about the title of this entry, one of us broke a nail retrieving our luggage in San Jose.  Can you guess which one out of our group of four ladies and one gentleman?  Yep, it was Larry!

- Susan


  1. Abby looks happy to be there! Hope it's a wonderful experience!

  2. Okay... broke a nail. Hmmmm. So, let me guess whether it's a work-style nail which gets hammered/pounded into wood, a toenail, or just a fingernail. I'll choose the latter. So, is it "fixed" by now?!