Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Work Day #1

Today was our first day of work, and it was a success! We went to two feeding programs/VBS's, and met with two different groups if kids. Costa Rica is not exactly what I expected, but it was pretty cool!

                            My List of Things That are Different From What I Expected:

  -the rooms: they are smaller than I expected, but after you get used to them, they're pretty cozy
  -the cities: they are much more colorful! I like the actual cities better than the ones I imagined
  -the food: it's more delicious than I thought it would be. Breakfast was scrumptious this morning!
  -the restaurants: there were so many Chinese or Asian restaurants, I was surprised!
  -the fan in our room: it's much louder than what a normal person would think!

There are tons of dogs, and the plant life are very vivid and beautiful! The town is also pretty and colorful. We saw a beautiful view as we were driving up to the first feeding center and VBS, as the mountains Were littered with pretty colored towns.

When we arrived in La Carpio, we were all a bit surprised to see satellite dishes, because this was a slum area. We also noticed that the kids warmed up to us immediately and I felt like they trusted us. The person leading there had an amazing testimony, and poured love into everyone. She was a wonderful woman. 

Then we left for the other feeding program and VBS in Los Guido. We were able to serve them lunch before we played with them.  The kids up there were very rambunctious! They loved all the games we brought them! 

It was very hard to communicate with the kids while we were working at the VBS, and most of the time, we used sign language. Some of the kids spoke a little English they picked up from visitors. I also picked up some Spanish...

                                List of Words I Picked Up from the Spanish People:

  -hola, me yamo Abby: hi, my name is Abby
  -gracias: thank you
  -como estas: how are you
  -alto: stop

We ended our evening by heading to the local Methodist church for worship.  It was interesting to hear the different songs in Spanish.  "Si, si, SeƱor" is "Yes, yes Lord."  Most of the service was a candle light prayer.  The pastor is very dramatic!

Anyways, today was a pretty fun day, and I'm looking forward to another one tomorrow!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day. Praying all your days are!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful blessing to have this experience. Prayers for you and your group.

  3. Very nicely written Abs! Great details and observations! I feel like I'm there with you. :)

  4. Being in a different environment is always an eye-opening experience for us humans. I'm really glad, Abby, that you're finding out up-close about new areas of life we don't see as much here in our country - from a different language used by the majority of people, kids who gave you all some actual attention and respect, colorfulness of neighborhoods, the "leaning" toward Asian-style foods at restaurants, and the quality of some of the electrical equipment - due mainly because of costs involved in their production and usage. I'm really proud of your keeping your eyes open to differences AND commonness ALL of us humans ("children of God") share.